Our Mission

Our mission is to share sexuality education resources for Occupational Therapists to utilize while addressing their client’s difficulties in performing desired sexual activities. We want to create safe spaces to talk, learn and address the topic of sexuality.

Let’s break the silence and social stigmas and let’s start talking about sex.

Our Team

Jessica Si, OTD

Jessica received her Doctor of Occupational Therapy at New York University. The development of this website was a part of her Doctoral work on sexuality and occupational therapy. Her goal is to build a network of practitioners who are prepared to discuss, learn, and collaborate with one another in order to effectively address the important and meaningful topic of sexuality.

Our Resources

This website offers both originally developed resources and a list of third-party resources. The original resources were based on information gathered from literature and the author’s educational experiences. The list of third-party resources were compiled based on information we found interesting and helpful during our own journey to gain competency in the area of sexuality and occupational therapy.

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